6 Cloud storage is useful for photo backup

6 Cloud Storage  is  useful  for  Photo Backup

6 Cloud storage is useful for Photo Backup

The unlimited storage facility of Google Photos was a boon for the users. There was no problem in keeping several photos taken with the mobile.

Since photos embedded in Google Photos will be stored in the cloud, photos from a few years ago will remain with us even after we change our mobile. But Google Photos has discontinued the unlimited storage service and announced that it will now only provide up to 15 GB of photo storage. It will be effective from June 19, i.e. June 1.

Google Photos now only has 15 GB of images, what can be done with so many images here? Google Photos also has the ability to download and save photos. However, your computers may not always be downloaded and stored.

For many users, cloud-based services that provide photo storage may be the best option. Here are some low-cost photo storage platforms:

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1. Google Photos:

Google Photos offers a free photo store of up to 15 GB, but moreover, Google One’s service can be purchased for storing photos.

The cost to store up to 100 GB of images on Google One is about ড 2 per year and about 20 20. Similarly, to store pictures up to 200 GB, you need to pay $ 3 per month or মার্কিন 30 per year.

But Google-made Pixel phone users still want as many photos as they can for free on Google Photos.

2. iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos is the equivalent of Google Photos. iPod photos are not new to Apple users. iCloud Photos lets users store up to 5 GB of photos and videos for free.

After that, users will have to pay US 1 1 per month and US 3 3 per month to store photos and videos up to 200 GB up to 50 GB.

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3. Flickr

Flickr is another platform that provides photo and video storage. Initially, some pictures and videos can be kept for free.

Flickr allows you to keep up to 1000 pictures for free. Thus no image file size should be more than 200 MB and video size should not be more than 1 GB.

However, for the next unlimited storage facility, you will have to pay 7 USD or 60 USD per year on Flickr. Another advantage of Flickr is that if any of the pictures in it are trending, you will get some discount from time to time.

4. Smugmug

Smugmug is a useful platform for professional photographers with its own customizable website with photo and video storage features.

This platform is perfect for professional photographers to store their photos and keep them for sale. You can get unlimited photos and websites for USD 55 per year or 7$ per month.

5. 500px

500PXs a platform designed for professional photographers. This helps the photographer to protect the copyright of his photographs and sell the photos.

Basic plans cost 60$ per year or 5$ per month with limited photo storage. Also, various services are associated with the photographer.

6. Photobucket

Photobucket lets you store some photos for free. Users can upload up to 250 images for free.

However, to upload more photos, you need to pay up to USD 25 per month or up to 25 GB for storage. Its fees are a bit more expensive than other platforms.

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