Facebook’s live audio rooms came to compete with Clubhouse

Spotify's Greenroom

Facebook’s live audio rooms came to compete with Clubhouse

Social media platform Facebook has released its new feature. Facebook has released the Live Audio Rooms and Podcast feature. Many live audio apps already exist. Now Facebook has also been included in this.

According to the report, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was working on the Live Audio Rooms feature as soon as Clubhouse became popular. Currently Clubhouse, Spaces released by Twitter and Greenroom released by Spotify are popular live audio platforms.

Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms and Podcast feature is currently only released for US users. Apart from this, it will be available only for iOS users. Users living outside the US will have to wait for this feature for the time being.

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Initially, Facebook is giving the option to create Live Audio Rooms only to public figures and selected Facebook groups. Facebook has given information about this in a blog. Facebook has said that in the coming time this feature will be available for other users as well.

Anyone can host a live audio session at Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. It is lacking in this feature of Facebook. At present, they can participate in discussions only with public figures.

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50 people can become speakers in Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms. While there is no limit to the listeners. Specific Facebook groups can also host live audio. Its full control will remain with the admin as to whom he gives permission to host the live audio room. How long this feature will be released for everyone will be a matter to be seen.

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