FB is annoyed with the Apple’s Privacy Feature, now users are getting it in India too.

Apple's privacy feature
Image Credit By “Apple.com”

Apple’s privacy feature is very much discussed these days. Actually, this is a feature that will give users the option to refuse to track the app.

Facebook has been angry about Apple’s privacy feature for some time, now that feature is being given in India too. Actually, this privacy prompt feature of Apple is part of iOS 14.3, whose update has been released some time back.

Although earlier it was being told that this feature of this privacy prompt will be given with iOS 14.4, but some users have got to see this feature right now. This feature is working only with some apps.

Although it is still not with all apps, this feature of privacy is visible only after opening some apps. For example, if you open the AJIO app on your iPhone, then you will see the privacy prompt.

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On opening this app, a pop up will be found which will have two options. The first option Ask App, not to Trak means to tell the app not to track you, and the second Allow – means allow yourself to be tracked.

Now here the track means many things. Apps track users to deliver targeted ads. These include users’ behavior from personal details to which apps have to give access.

This is the feature that Facebook is angry with and is targeting Apple by giving a full-page ad. Facebook has cleverly tried to set the agenda that this feature will harm small businesses and Facebook is looking at the interest of the small businesses.

But the truth is that if people become aware of the user data and behavior tracked by Facebook and stop using Facebook to use this feature of Apple, then the company’s earnings will also be affected. Because most of Facebook earns from ads and it collects Facebook user data for targeted ads.

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Let us tell you that Apple CEO Tim Cook has said after this full-page ad of Facebook that Facebook can continue to track users’ data, this feature is only for taking permission. This means that Facebook will not be directly affected by this feature, but at least now users will get this option on opening the app, so that they can refuse Facebook not to track them.

In this case, a statement has also come from the privacy-focused organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). They say that Facebook is not telling people the whole story about the changes being made in iOS 14. It is ridiculous to say that this privacy-focused feature of Apple is bad for users.