how much it costs to create a YouTube channel

Do you want to create your own youtube channel soon? This report from Techgap will help you. Throughout the year we tirelessly provide the latest technology, services, and offers to the public. In this report, we will look at the tools you need to create your own YouTube channel that you can buy online at a very affordable price.

You can now make videos for YouTube even with a small smartphone. However, in order to operate the channel in a professional manner, money must be invested. The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale will help you in this situation. Now, before you start your journey as a professional YouTuber, you do not need to look at the list that Amazon has to offer you.

1. Shylock 18-inch LED Light Ring and Tripod Stand – You can buy these two products together for Rs 1,099. In this case, Amazon will give you a 72 percent discount.

2. Boa BYM1 Omnidirectional Microphone – This microphone with 20 feet audio cable can only be purchased with Tk. 649, with a 72% discount.

3. Sony SV1 4K Vlog Camera – This camera with Bluetooth shooting grip is priced at Rs 8,990. But even in this case, Amazon gives you the opportunity to save Rs.10,000. As a result, you can get this camera for only Rs 8,990.

4. Digi Azmo Pocket Handheld 3-Axis Gimball with Integrated 12 Megapixel 4K Video Camera – Both the devices are priced at Rs 24,990 on Amazon.

5. Panasonic Lumix G7 4K Mirrorless Interchange Camera – Priced at Rs 35,490 with 29% off.

6. Age Backdrop Stand Kit – You can buy this kit 18% off from Amazon. The price is only Rs 2,469.


Additionally, Fujifilm’s Mirrorless XT-100 camera with 24.2-megapixel 4K video recording capability is available on Amazon Festival Cell with an 18 percent discount. Then its price will be Rs.32,990. Osaka’s dual-color dimmable LED video lights are available for Rs 2,899. The 50-inch tripod stand of Amazon Basics can only be purchased for the TK699, with a discount of approximately 71%! Amazon is offering you the DJI OM4 Handheld Gimble Stabilizer for Rs 12,960 – a very low price. The DJI Ronin SC handheld camera is available at a discount of Rs 26,990.

So, if you want to make YouTube videos professionally, take advantage of Amazon’s bursting offers without delay.