Finding Mail from Video Calls, You should know these 5 Features of Gmail

Finding Mail from Video Calls - 5 Features of Gmail

Finding Mail from Video Calls, You should know these 5 Features of Gmail

5 Features of Gmail:: Some of the features of Gmail that can be used in addition to sending mail.

Gmail is now a part of our daily lives. Most employees send the necessary mail from their Gmail account every day, everyone from students to researchers is connected to Gmail in one way or another.

Connecting a Gmail account with a new smartphone is also very important. However, many people do not bother with the other features of Gmail except for some of the features of sending mail. Today we are going to talk about some of the features of Gmail that are required for other purposes besides sending mail.

By the way, those who do not yet have a Gmail account can easily create an account. To do this, go to the Google Account page and follow some of the steps shown on the screen to create an account.

Once a Google Account is created, users can sign in to Gmail and send mail. They can also use other Google products such as YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive, etc. for free.

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Let’s take a look at some of the unknown features of Gmail!

1. To start a video call

Users can call from their inbox by adding anyone’s contacts to Google’s chat list. The video call will start as soon as you go to the inbox, enter their contact, and click on the name.

2. Set the theme for Inbox

Users can also select themes for the inbox background. For this, first, you have to click on the theme option by clicking on the inbox. Then the email can be selected according to the label. For this, first, select any mail and select the label, then the mail will be labeled.

3. Select the Inbox category

Gmail does it itself. For example, it is common to see that any mail from a shopping brand is available in the ‘Promotion’ option.

4. Mail Search

A search box is the best option to find any required mail when needed. The user will quickly get the old mail if you give the necessary keywords in the mail.

5. Manage mail

Right-click any mail to move, archive, mute, filter or open in a new window. If any mail is sent by mistake, the mail can be easily deleted with the help of the ‘Undo’ option. For this, the time limit of the ‘Undo’ option needs to be increased.

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