Good news for WhatsApp users, profile pictures will be seen with notifications soon

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Good news for WhatsApp users, profile pictures will be seen with notifications soon

You can see the profile picture with WhatsApp notification, coming in the iOS version

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging platform, continues to roll out new features in the new year as per tradition. The Meta-owned company is set to launch a new feature for iOS-based WhatsApp users, which will be the company’s first feature this year. Thanks to this feature, users will get notifications with profile pictures.

The profile picture can be seen with WhatsApp notification

You must be wondering, what is the advantage of this feature? In fact, now we can only see the name of the message being sent in a notification. But there are times when our WhatsApp chat list includes people with the same name, not all of whom are equally important to us. And if a person is not so important, then why is it necessary to look at the message sent by him in a hurry? So now that only the name appears in the notification, we don’t understand very naturally who sent that message. As a result, many times someone’s message is not immediately seen and immediately replied to. As a result, the relative is often upset.



But if this feature is rolled out, if the profile picture of the sender is seen, users will be able to see the messages of their loved ones quickly, and if necessary, they can also make him happy by replying immediately. However, it is known that this feature will not be available for Android users at present. However, the profile picture mode is expected to roll out for Android users soon after the iOS platform. WhatsApp is now testing this feature in beta for iOS users, according to a report from WhatsApp’s feature tracker WABetaInfo. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It is pertinent to note that, according to a recent report, WhatsApp is about to add a community feature to the application, which the company is now working on. Upcoming features allow users to create communities. After creating a community, users can create a group or link up to 10 existing WhatsApp groups together. There will also be a special “Announcement” section, which only admins will be able to access. Using the “Announcement” option, group admins can share a message to all groups connected to a community. Although WhatsApp is rumored to be testing this feature for the Android version as well, it will first be available to iOS users.

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