Google disables the option to switch to classic groups


Google disables the option to switch to classic groups

The redesigned Google Groups is the only experience available since November 2nd.

Google gave the material design makeover to the groups in March and a few months later it became the default experience in September. The tech version giant has given consumers the opportunity to return to the classic groups if they are not interested in the modern versions of the new version. But now Google is eliminating that option altogether, changing the unique interface that users can access into new groups.

Google Workspace Updates announces a change to the company’s blog, giving the redesigned groups an “advanced experience compatible with Gmail and other Google services”. It will begin removing the “Go back to classic Google Groups” option under Settings on November 2 and will take three days to complete the rollout.

In addition to the interface and controls compatible with Gmail and other Google services, the new groups keep all configuration options in one place and introduce new filtering and search options. It lists user groups on a single page for easy access, provides quick access to group member subscriptions and permissions, and includes Gmail-compliant messaging threads. Switching completely to new groups applies to everyone, including customers with individual numbers.

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