Google is releasing a tool to track skin condition


Google is releasing a tool to track skin condition

Google is releasing a tool to track skin condition

Google has announced the creation of a health tool that provides information about human skin, hair, and nails. The company said it would release a trial version of the tool by the end of this year.

The company made the announcement on the occasion of its annual developer conference. This online tool will inform the user from skin spots to nail and hair condition over the phone.

If there is a problem with the skin, nails, or hair, the user can take three photos of the area using his phone’s camera. The user will then be able to report their pain or symptoms.

Google’s tool will provide users with a list of 288 skin, hair and nail problems. Google has stated in its blog post that the tool was not developed for the purpose of treatment but for the purpose of informing the user.

Karin Desalvo, chief health officer at Google Health, said the company was trying to solve users’ problems because users were asking more skin-related questions on Google search engines.

Google searches for various skin symptoms more than 10 billion times a year. Google says it is developing the tool to let users know if their skin, nail or hair condition is normal or needs further treatment.

Google is developing the tool by collecting millions of images of various symptoms seen on skin, hair and nails.

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