Google Maps Develops 5 Additional Updates and Turns In to the Dark Mode Universally for the Android OS


Google Map's new traffic light feature

Google Maps Develops 5 Additional Updates and Turns In to the Dark Mode Universally for the Android OS

Six Google applications are going to get free updates which would improve their accessibility, features and security. Google Maps, TalkBack, Messages, Google Assistant, Android Auto and Password Checkup are the 6 apps to get updates. Google Maps is getting Dark Mode universally covering the entire app while the rest are integrating perks accessible in some other services, such as the use of Messages for scheduling a text beforehand.

Google’s blog post mentions that there is no specific reason behind improving these apps but remember that not all Android versions would receive the benefit of such developments, with various minimum versions in case of each update. Moreover, might take time to roll out to Android phones but they are coming. Here comes a briefing on the updates.   

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Google Maps having Dark Mode  

Google Maps used to have Dark Mode in the past but it contributed only while navigating actively to one destination. Now all screens of the application would follow the easily visible visual pattern of the Dark Mode.

On updating Google Maps you may turn on your phone. Go to Settings → Theme → Always In Dark Theme. This is likely to come to Google Maps of Android versions.

All Through Higher Display Reader of TalkBack

TalkBack has been made extra responsive, versatile and intuitive for those who have low vision or are blind. There is a new unified menu for managing study and extra gesture and voice controls.

Use Messages to Plan to Text

After updating the Messages application, you can compose a message simply. Then press ‘Send’ button open the menu to select a date and the time you wish to send it.

Connecting to Google Assistant while Screen is being locked

Now Google Assistant would respond even if the screen of your device is locked by displaying cards of larger text for easy reading from a distance.

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More Wallpapers and Shortcuts for Android Auto

This update allows you to pick from a wallpaper selection including those having backgrounds inspired by cars. But you need to run Android 6.0 or a higher version first.

The update also adds shortcuts for the screen launched with faster access to weather, Google Assistant, your contacts and more.

Check Passwords of all Your Apps with Password Checkup

A replacement of Password Checkup would inform you whether your login details are compromised or not. With the new update now, the characteristic is able to scan through all your apps.   

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