HBO Max may coming soon in India can it compete with Netflix / Amazon Prime

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HBO fans are waiting for HBO Max in India as well with the US launch. What is HBO Max and if it comes to India, can it compete with Netflix?

HBO Max has been launched in the US in late May. It is on an OTT platform similar to Netflix where HBO has original content, web series and movies.

You will be aware that many big films are released under Warner Media, so in that way everything will be seen on HBO Max. Because Warner Media is the parent company of HBO Max.

HBO Max is also premium than Netflix, as it is expensive in terms of subscription. There are more content here and especially high profile TV series and films are available here which are not found elsewhere.

When will HBO Max come to India? This is the big question for now. Because in India also, the consumption of content on the OTT platform has increased rapidly and besides Netflix and Prive Video, many Indian content apps have arrived.

HBO Max’s parent company Warner Media has given a hint that it can be launched in India as well. According to a report by Live Mint, Gerhard Geeler, International Head of Warne Media, has said something about bringing HBO Max India to an event.

He has said, “If you want to become a strong global player, then you have to be strong in the Asia Pacific. We do not have the scale we want in India. Our speech will be HBO Max “

However, in a statement given to Mint, the company stated, ‘Companies in Asia will continue to focus on HBO on HBO GO and Pay TV for a while’

It is worth noting that under Warner Media, channels like CNN, HBO, Cartoon Network are operated in India.

Some of the popular series on HBO Max include Game of Thrones, Rink and Morty, True Detective, Big Bag Theory, Chiranobil, Friends, and The Wire.

Talking about some popular films given in this content app, these include File Club, Lord of the Rings, Titanic, Space Odyssey, and Harry Porter. Apart from this, there are dozens of such films which are not found in other apps.

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