Hopes for Warzone Season 4 | Battle Royal with Arda Oakle

Hopes for Warzone Season 4
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Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which includes the popular War Royale game mode Warzone, will officially fall at 11 pm on Wednesday. PT Be Prepared: Updates will vary from 34.7 gigabytes on the console to 49.7 gigabytes on PCs. The one-minute trailer for season 4, released in late May, featured large-scale weapons talk. I wonder if this means different effects in Warzone with different weapons (hopefully a better deal with those OP trucks?).


Either way, with Season 4 of Modern Warfare on the horizon, here are some things I’d love to introduce in this update or in the future:


An open stadium: The map is well put together – there are not too many complaints. But I would love to open the stadium so that you can get into it. Give me a football or football stadium, where you can run around the field or in the stands.

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Raise your fallen companions: One of your companions gets down? Now you have the opportunity to pick them up and bring them to safety before reviving them instead of trying to do so while looking at the enemy, where they are often after being down in the first place. This mechanic is working well in Fortnite. As much as I would like to see other BR titles adopt the Gulegg-type last-chance system, I would love to see Warzone adopt an injured Cadet Carrie.


Powerful Weapon Pickup: Give me a new OP weapon that is extremely rare to find. Something to counter pesky trucks barreling at you, or helicopters in the sky. Maybe use tactical nuclear for players camping on one roof for a house or several circles at a time. Similar to how propane tanks and other weapons have been introduced to destroy structures in Fortune, giving players a difficult but effective way to get them out of their spots.

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Better cheat detection: Hackers and bots go from here! If there is one thing VALORANT is doing better than other FPS titles, then it is Vanguard and Cheat Search. Maybe it is working a little better, because it is detecting things that have nothing to do with cheating. But hacking remains a major concern in Warzone, and when you reach a certain level, it definitely takes it out of the game. It is expected that in Season 4 some big measures have been taken to counter this.


There has been some talk of Blackout returning in the upcoming COD 2020 game release. Naturally, COD is not the focus of the BR game (even though you could argue that it is the star of modern warfare, both in the player base and pomp), and we know that we are getting a new COD to release every year, Which includes various developers. , But this means a new game install and completely different title, unlike other BR updates that occur in the same base game.


I wonder how many people will continue to play Warzone after the new BR is dropped and what will be the reception, especially with the precedent that Warzone has set up? What will the content creators do after the game drops and the honeymoon phase ends? The original Blackout creators have flocked to Warzone, and of course, they will either play out of curiosity and be paid Activation Marketing dollars to capitalize on the newness of the game. But after that first month, will it keep big names around in the content game? that remains to be seen.

A few quick hits today from a week of worldwide upheaval and change.


In a tweet dated June 1, the release of season 4 was initially announced on the Call of Duty Twitter account, stating that “now is not the time.” Publications from Battle Royal players and entities to the public continue to spark #BlackLivesMatter and ongoing protests around the country.


The developers have taken it a step further and postponed upcoming announcements or releases. Minnesota ROKKR did the same, in concert with the Concert of Call League, pushing the home series weekend until the end of the week with a strong fundraising component to #BlackLivesMatter and community efforts. Warzone Weekend will also return.


On Wednesday morning I was watching Twitch on Just Chatting Stream of Chicotiman. In addition to learning that he once bought a television from Best Buy for $ 10,000 (and they apparently use him as an example at company conferences on how to up-sell), he did more than warrant Also made a comment calling out to play Warzone. Tim rejected the comment. At the end of the day, he will play what he wants – no matter what he is playing, people like him. It will be interesting, though, now that the twitch drops are not a factor and the game is fully, which will continue with it and which will return to the BR title for content. Hiko is currently in the best position to capture the top streamer crown in VALORANT, as he is pulling a great audience in 100 Thieves in a great content house and is a pro player. How many streamers and content creators will continue to include VALORANT in their workloads? we will see. We would estimate the amount lower than we expected. BR lends itself to much more exciting content for non-professionals.


A little leverage for those looking for it: I have no idea why Tuff challenged that photo on Twitter. I don’t think I want to know.