How do I erase data from lost phone or How to delete lost phone data? Find out


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How do I erase data from lost phone or How to delete lost phone data? Find out

At the present time, we can’t leave without our smartphone! As a result, not everyone likes to ignore the mobile phone for a moment! But unfortunately, the thought of what will happen if the Android phone is lost or stolen haunts some of us. Again, the phone of the person with whom the accident took place is lost, along with the personal and important information in the phone is also likely to be lost. We are almost lost in the thought of what to do in such a situation or what will happen if the data on the phone is misused in any way. But there is nothing to worry about! Because by following a few simple steps, you will know how to locate the phone and remotely lock it or How to delete lost phone data.

In this case, all you need to do to find the lost Android and delete its data is:

How to delete lost phone data?

1. Sign in to another Android device by confirming the Google Account or Gmail ID that was attached to the lost phone.

2. Next, go to or go to Google and search for ‘Find My Device’.

3. Please note that as soon as the Find My Device web page opens, a notification will be available on your lost phone. However, if you think the phone did not receive a notification, click the refresh button on the right side of the picture of the lost phone displayed on the webpage.

4. As soon as you click the refresh button, a notification will be sent to your lost phone again. In that case, whenever the phone receives a notification, you will see its possible location on the map. Otherwise, you will see the location or last non-location when the phone is last turned on.

5. But when you see the location, you will also see three options on the left side of the screen, such as Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.

In this context, if you choose the first option, i.e. play sound, then your phone will play at full volume for 5 minutes even if it is in silent or vibration mode. As a result, you can easily find it if the phone is nearby. On the other hand, by clicking on the Secure Device option, you can lock the phone remotely with PIN, password, or screen lock and attach any contact number or message with PIN / Password / General Screen Lock so that someone can contact you when they find the phone. Again, clicking on the Erase device will permanently delete all data from the phone’s native storage. However, at the same time, the ‘Find My Device’ option will be turned off. So think carefully before selecting this option.

Furthermore, before following this procedure, you need to make sure that the ‘Location Access’ and ‘Find My Device’ options are turned on on your lost phone. Also, keep in mind that this method will only work if the phone is connected to the Internet. So, if someone gets the phone in their hand after it is lost or stolen and manipulates the setting or switches off the phone, this method will not work.

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