How Facebook posts and notes can be transferred to Google Docs


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Facebook has provided new features to users under data portability. With the aim of allowing users to easily manage their data, Facebook posts and notes can be transferred directly to Google Docs, WordPress, Blogger.

Earlier, the company had been providing this feature in case of photos. The company has already made it possible for users to save their Facebook photos to Google Photos. The company has added a new feature to the feature to attract users.

“This new feature is designed to enable you to secure your data by transferring data with our partner services,” said Steve Sutterfield, Facebook’s head of privacy and public policy.

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That’s why before transferring data, the user has to use Facebook’s password once again.

How to transfer Facebook posts and notes to Google Docs?

Facebook has made this feature available in Facebook’s settings. To do so, first click on Facebook’s ‘Settings and Privacy’. After doing so, a separate ‘Settings’ option appears again. Click on that setting.

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Now there will be various options. Click on the ‘Your Facebook Information’ option. There too you will see various options. Among them, there is an option called ‘Transfer a copy of your information’.

When you click on that option, there you will have options like photo, video, post, note etc. Among them, photos and videos are already available features. That said, posts and notes are new features.

You can transfer a post or note to Google Docs, WordPress, Blogger by clicking on one of them and selecting where to transfer the file.

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