How to Clear Safari Cache, History and Cookies on Mac

How to clear Safari Cache, History and Cookies on Mac

As we know, time is most important for all of us, and with our busy schedules, each minuscule second matters a lot. Even though the internet these days saves most of our valuable time, how about saving more while we use the internet than it normally does?

Cookies and cache are the ways the internet uses to save more minutes and seconds than it usually does. Imagine how amazing web browsers are that they can save cookies. not the ones that we eat though! Now, jokes apart! Cookies are a way to store user characteristics while surfing any website or web application. And, a cache is the one which makes a web browser’s loading for any webpage faster. both are used to store data on the browser to avoid downloading it each time you visit. Check here New Microsoft Edge Browser details.

History is a reminder to the past, a past that never leaves you. and in the browser’s too, history seems to get saved being a reminder of our previous searches. take a situation, you searched something valuable, and closed the browser tabs by mistake. No issues! your browsing history is just a few steps away.

Filled up with the junks…remove safari cache!

Though cache saves loading time on a browser, timely deleting it is suggested. clearing the cache of the web browser helps prevent the usage of saved old forms. It is required in troubleshooting many issues and hence increasing the speed and performance of your system. Steps to clear the web browser cache are as follows:

In the Safari app, click on the Safari drop-down menu.

Now the options menu is opened.  go to preferences.

In that section, select the Advanced tab.

There is a checkbox named ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’, select it.

Close the preferences window.

Now select the Develop drop-down menu.

From the options there, select Empty cache.

There is yet another shorter and faster way present for deleting the cache in Safari that is via the following shortcut:

[CMD] + [ALT] + [E]

You can choose any method you find suitable.

Enjoy! The cache has been cleared now from your safari.

Facing more issues with Safari on Mac?

Go ahead and clear cookies too…

Saving user data is a great thing, but there is a lot of time when data automatically gets filled on some platform and that is the data that is not to be required. clearing cache helps solve many such issues along with the formatting issues. saving cookies is a threat too as it could wrongly be used by hackers or attackers to access our saved data and steal any valuable account information or other precious data. Also, if you have changed your login credentials, even for your own benefit you might need to clear cookies to avoid getting old information filled up automatically.

Cookies can be deleted from your Safari on Mac completely using this path:

Click on the Safari drop-down menu.

In the menu options, visit the preferences section.

A window will open, click on the privacy tab present over there.

Click on the button stating ‘Remove all Website Data..’.

A pop window will appear.

Click on Remove Now.

To remove the stored data by site, after the above third step, do the following:

Click on the button stating ‘Details’.

Select the sites storing data that you want to be removed.

Hold down the command key, selecting multiple sites if you want to.

Click Remove button

Then press Done.

The choice is yours. Select what you find is better for you.

Bravo! You are one more step ahead towards your safety in Safari on Mac.

History is many times a harsh thing!

So let’s get free from that too…

Yes, saving history is helpful. but what about the times you forget to go incognito and search for some private piece of stuff? and what if you are using someone else’s Mac? You don’t want others to go through your personal browsing history, right?

No issues, we will soon know how to delete our complete browsing history in just a few steps.

On the top menu, click on the History tab.

Select ‘Clear History and Website data’.

Choose the ‘All History’ option from the menu or the time range like last hour, today or today, and yesterday.

Click ‘Clear History’.

All the history for the time being selected has been removed. now, if you only want to remove some of the specific pages, the following steps would work after the first step:

Select the ‘Show All History’ option.

Right-click the website and from the drop-down menu, select Delete.

Hurray! The final step towards safety while browsing in Safari on Mac has been achieved.

Follow these on “How to clear Safari Cache, History and Cookies on Mac?” and BOOM! you are all safe.

Importance of clearing Cache, Cookies, and History…

Many benefits behind this have already been stated. but winding this up with a few more would be a lot more satisfactory. few more benefits of clearing cache, history, and cookies are:

Clearing this provides you privacy from spies and stalkers who want to see what you were up to.

On public devices, when you have logged in or provided any credentials, such clearance of cookies can save your privacy and personal information from getting shared.

We visit many websites, but to avoid each of them from tracking you and remembering you and your prior actions, a slight brooming for clearance can be used on the browsers.

Such removals also help enhance the speed of the browser in loading the newer versions and working on new sites fast.

To remove any buggy experience, clearing cache and cookies may be required for up to date working of the browser.

Clearing Safari Cache, Cookies and History is like sweeping your house. as we like to stay in bug-free, safer houses, we also adore surfing on bug-free, safer browsers.