How to keep safe your Dell laptops

Dell Laptops

Warning for Dell laptop users, do this urgently

Do you use laptops from the popular American multinational technology company Dell? So be careful, because some of the Dell laptops have some security vulnerabilities. This will allow hackers to easily hack your device and gain access to all information, meaning your device will be attacked by hackers. A recent report by a security research firm highlights this problem. But you have no reason to worry because Dell has come up with a way to solve this problem. According to the report, this security vulnerability has affected at least 360 Dell laptop models, including the high-end XPS and Alienware series released in 2009.

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This security vulnerability lies in the drivers used to handle firmware updates on Dell laptops. According to the Dell Support Page, this driver includes the Dell Client Firmware Update Utility Package and Software Tools. This error will allow hackers to fully access all the information on the laptop. The support page lists all laptops affected by this problem, including XPS 13, XPS 15, and Alienware laptops. If you see your laptop on this list, don’t worry, because there are ways to solve this problem. Also, Dell considers most of these affected laptops to be “out of service”, and both the company and the research firm are of the opinion that hackers have not yet taken advantage of this particular vulnerability.

However, if you feel that your laptop is not secure, then you need to know what you need to do to protect it. First of all, for starters, you need to manually remove the driver from the laptop using the Dell tool at the link below –

Then you need to do all the updates related to the laptop firmware, Dell Command Update, Dell Update, or Alienware Update. Or you can install the latest version of Dell System Inventory or Dell Platform Tags. The company says that updating the firmware will prevent the driver from being “reintroduced” to the system.

Now, if you do not update your Dell Laptop via Dell Command Update, Dell Update, Alienware Update, Dell System Inventory Agent, or Dell Platform Tags, it is possible that you have not been affected by this issue at all. Windows Update does not install the dbutil_2_3.sys driver, which is an affected driver, the company said.

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If someone wants to take advantage of this error to hack your device, they will need direct or remote access to your laptop. Also, the driver is only installed with the firmware update, it is not pre-installed. Dell added that all the new PCs they are shipping at the moment will have all these settings. But for devices that are coming to market with Dell Command Update, Dell Update, or Alienware Update, such settings will be updated automatically when you first run the devices.

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