How to save smartphone?

How to save smartphone

Nowadays it is the rainy season, it is raining in almost every part of the country. In such a situation, if you have to go out somewhere, do not forget to protect your smartphone. Try to carry a waterproof mobile case or zip pouch with you while going out in the rain. But if the phone accidentally got soaked in rain or fell in the water, then there is no need to panic. Because tell us that more smartphones available in the market are rated IP64 or IP65. Which protects the smartphone from light showers.

But even after the smartphone gets wet in the rain, you will be able to save it from spoiling by following some simple tips.

Let’s know about the important 5 tips …


Tips 1: If you are soaked in rain, instead of panic you turn it off quickly. If in an old phone, remove the battery from it.

Tips 2: The new smartphone uses a non-removable battery and cannot be removed. In this case, clean the phone thoroughly with a dry cloth and keep it under the fan for a while.

Tips 3:  Please tell that do not use a hairdryer to dry the phone, because its excess heat can damage the phone components.

Tips 4: You can also use rice to dry the phone because the rice absorbs moisture quite fast and if you wish, keep pressing the phone in the rice for some time. But be careful not to let the rice in the headphone jack of the phone. The phone will dry completely in 24 hours.

Tips 5: After this, try turning the phone on. Hopefully, you will get the phone right after these tips.

Note: The tips given will only work if the phone falls in light rain or water. But if more water has gone into it, instead of following these tips, take it directly to the service center.