How to take Backup your Facebook posts in Google Docs

How to take Backup your Facebook posts in Google Docs

How to take backup your Facebook posts in Google Docs – The social media giant Facebook’s privacy breach has led to multiple leaks. But users are so addicted to Facebook that they are reluctant to leave the social media platform knowing everything. In that case, however, the multiple attractive features on Facebook can be blamed as the reason for users’ addiction. This popular American company has recently rolled out such an interesting feature. Facebook has launched a native tool called “Transfer Your Information” to ease the hassle of transferring data to users.

But first, let me say that this is not a new tool. Because, this social media platform has slightly upgraded its previous data portability tool and brought it to its users with a new name, which is now known as the ‘Transfer Your Information’ tool. However, using the previous tool where it was possible to transfer photos and videos from Facebook to other platforms only, this tool allows users to upload data to their posts or any built-in notes uploaded to Facebook, such as Google Docs or Blogger, -Able to transfer to the party platform.

Why use the “Transfer Your Information” tool?

Suppose, if for some reason you want to close your Facebook account or if your Facebook account is damaged in any way, then the tool to back up every content you have on social media to another platform

How to use the “Transfer Your Information” tool?

Following the procedure below, Facebook users can transfer their data from their mobile or web version to Google Docs, Blogger, or using this new tool.

1. If you use the web version, first log in to the site and go to settings. And if you use the mobile version, go to the ‘Settings & Privacy option.

2. Now, you will get the ‘Transfer Your Information’ tool directly from the settings. Now tap or click on it.

3. Now Facebook will ask you to enter your password.

4. After entering the password, you can choose one or more posts as you wish.

5. Now, Facebook will give you a drop-down list, from which select a specific third-party platform to transfer data.

6. Once selected, tap or click the ‘Next button.

7. Next, Facebook will ask you to sign in to the selected platform before starting the data transfer process. For example, if you choose Google Docs, you’ll need to sign in with your Google Account.

8. Allow Facebook to edit, edit, and delete posts on the platform selected here. So that it is convenient for you to transfer data from Facebook to Google Docs.

9. In the next step, Facebook will ask your permission so that the app can view, edit and edit the content in your Google Docs.

10. Finally, Facebook will bring you back to the Information page to complete the data transfer process. From there you need to click the Confirm Transfer button.

When this whole process is complete, you will get the data of all your Facebook content on your chosen platform.

By the way, if the user wants to postpone this data transfer for any reason, there will be an option.

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