How to set Profile feature for Amazon Prime Videos

If you watch Amazon Prime video on Android, you will like this new feature

Amazon Prime Video has borough a new shuffle button for TV episodes. It will play feature episodes in random order and has been made available in Android’s Prime Video app.

According to a report by Android Police, this new shuffle button has been made available in the latest version of the Prime Video App in Android. The Shuffle button appears along with the watchlist and the share button.

You can tap into ‘Shuffle Episodes’. This will play the episodes in random order. However, this feature will be limited to one season of a show.

That is, this feature will not shuffle episodes within a single season, nor will it be able to shuffle the entire show. Amazon started testing this feature for Android apps only last year.

This feature will work for you. When you have seen a show like Friends many times. But still, no one wants to start a new series and want to see the series of the old show again.

It seems that the shuffle button is gradually being made available to the prime video users of Android. Because it has not reached India yet. Let us tell you, Netflix is ​​also testing the Shuffle Play feature. However, it will only shuffle the entire Netflix content feed.