Apple TV + series.
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Oscar-winner Jared Leto is in talks to star in the Apple TV + series “Vecroshed”, which will make Weaver’s rise and fall dramatically.

Leto CEO and co-founder Adam Newman will play a bigger man than life, and his misconduct led to his expulsion in 2019. The “Weekshed” podcast series is based on the “Weekshed: The Wise and Fall of Weaver”. It was first reported in February that Apple was developing a series on the pre-caution story in Silicon Valley.

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WeWork was valued at approximately $ 50 billion at one stage but was not favored following detailed reports about management and Newman’s self-dealing. The filing of the prospectus for the initial public submission by the public led to huge losses that partially affected Newman’s misconduct, which led to the expulsion.

Before resigning from the company in 2019, Newman was valued at $ 750 million.

It was Leto’s first attempt on television since the “My So-Cold Life” series starring Claire Dane in the 90s. His performance in “Dallas Bears Club” won him the 2014 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

There is no word yet on the release date of the Apple TV + series.