Message scam terror on smartphone, urge to be vigilant

smartphone scam

Lately, scams have started spreading in the form of text messages on Android phones. The scam started in the UK in the first phase and is spreading worldwide. It has been dubbed as ‘Fullboot Malware SMS Attack’.

According to the researchers, such message packages have come up as the subject of online delivery of the delivery firm. It will tell you where the goods have arrived and click here immediately to keep track.

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However, the message is said to be a malicious scam, not a gift, delivery of goods online. It is said that hackers can collect important data on your device. Therefore, various telecommunication service providers have urged to avoid this.

 Vodafone, a UK-based company, said millions of such messages had been sent to various networks.

‘It is becoming very sensitive,’ the company said, ‘as it spreads, it is being influenced by a large number of users. Therefore, it is requested not to open the link in case of such messages. ‘

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