Microsoft backed out of plans to bring Windows Ten X.


Windows Ten X

Microsoft backed out of plans to bring Windows Ten X.

Software maker Microsoft has backtracked on plans to unveil its new operating system, Windows 10 X. Although plans have been made to release the new OS through a dual-screen device like Surface Neo, users will no longer be able to experience it.

Before the epidemic of the Covid-19 infection, Microsoft had decided to bring Windows Ten X, even if only for single-screen laptops. But now such a plan has been canceled. Instead, the company is preparing to include its best features in Windows Ten.

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“We plan to launch Windows Ten X in 2021, but now we’re integrating the core of Ten X into other Windows products,” said John Cable, head of Windows Servicing and Delivering.

Some of the features developed for Ten X are now starting to appear in Windows Ten. Such as excellent voice typing and an improved touch keyboard. Microsoft has said it will continue to invest in TenX’s technology, which will be useful for both software and hardware.

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Windows Ten was scheduled to go public in 2021 as a competitor to Chrome OS. Microsoft has been trying for years to bring the light version of the OS to the market.

For this, Microsoft brought Windows RT in 2012 and then Windows Ten S in 2017. But both failed to simplify Windows. However, Windows Ten X had some attractive features that will now be included in Windows Ten.



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