Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer is now going to shut down. Microsoft has said that it will stop supporting Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge versions by 2021, although this does not mean that users will not be able to use Internet Explorer. Discontinuation means discontinuing any kind of technical support, ie the company will not release any updates.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is shutting down

  • Internet Explorer came with Windows 95 in 1995
  • Closure announced after 25 years
  • Only five percent of people use

Why is Internet Explorer shutting down?

Internet Explorer is installed by default on all Windows laptops and computers in the world, but the surprising thing is that only five percent of people use it. The sad thing for Internet Explorer is that with the help of these people install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in their computers and then do not even look towards Internet Explorer. The company will stop supporting Internet Explorer after November 30, while the Legacy Edge version will not receive any updates after March 2021.

Internet Explorer is shutting down after 25 years

Internet Explorer was released by Microsoft on 16 August 1995. It was introduced under Add on Package Plus with Windows 95. Its writer is Thomas Reardon. Microsoft Internet Explorer’s programming language is C Plus Plus. It is also a big coincidence that 25 years of Internet has been completed in India this year and on this occasion, Internet Explorer has also announced to say goodbye to the world.

Chromium-based edge browser will replace Internet Explorer

Microsoft released a preview of the Chromium-based Edge browser in January this year, which will be released to everyone in May 2021. The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser supports all Windows and MacOS. You can replace the legacy version by downloading it. The company has made big claims regarding its speed and performance. It will get inbuilt privacy and security.