Microsoft teams get a big update and add a lot of new features


Microsoft teams get a big update and add a lot of new features

Microsoft has recently made a big change in the Team Video collaboration service. There are changes and improvements in terms of features and cosmetics. It assists in the meeting, calling, chatting, and introducing a new section called “AppSpotlight“.

The first major introduction to the Meetings and Calling section is live titles with speaker feature. It allows you to see what is being said and who is speaking. As a presenter, you can pin a personal video feed to everyone who attends during the call. The main video shown to all participants is the person who pinned it. This feature is limited to PCs, Macs, mobiles, and Microsoft teams on Windows. A presenter may silence some participants when they raise their hands to prevent others from making noise during the meeting. This is especially important for digital classrooms and conferences.

Additionally, you get Microsoft Whiteboard read-only mode in groups. You can also allow others to edit. Meetings and call recordings are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint for your business so you can share them with others in the future.

If you want to know how many people attended the meeting, you can now download the attendance report after the meeting in the conference chat. New data has been added to the Company Report that will allow you to better manage your attendance.

The Spotlight Support feature in Microsoft Team Rooms allows you to select the video feed (meeting organizer) as the spotlight for all participants. This will be the main video shown to all participants.

In the chat and collaboration section, teams now allow you to pin any message on the channel. It appears in the channel’s info pane for all members of that channel. If you are offline, you can let others know about it by changing your status. If you write different messages in different languages, there will be a spell check according to that language for your convenience.

This service allows you to choose this template when creating a new team, along with a new file sharing experience and an updated SharePoint Pages app.

Microsoft introduces some features for educational purposes. The company brings anonymous grading. Where, students’ names are unknown during grading, and avatars are temporarily removed. Additionally, the platform makes it easy to rotate tasks across the classroom or across all classes.

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