More than 3 billion Android phones at risk, claims in research

More than 3 billion Android phones at risk, claims in research

More than 3 billion Android phones at risk, claims in research

Qualcomm processors are used in more than 40 percent of Android smartphones around the world, including Google, Samsung, LG and Xiaomi. Currently, Checkpoint’s security researchers have found more than 400 vulnerabilities in Qualcomm’s processor.

According to the report of The Indian Express, the researchers have said in their report that the flaws in the processor have put almost 3 billion (3 billion) Android users at risk. The deficiencies that have been discovered regarding security have been found in Qualcomm’s Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip.

A DSP in a chip is a system that has both hardware and software. It enables many features in a device such as Quick Charge, HD Capture, Advanced AR Abilities and Audio Features.

Checkpoint researchers have tested the DSP chip and said that through the deficiencies found in it, a hacker can turn a smartphone into a spy tool without the knowledge of the users.

Apart from this, the researchers also said that hackers can access the data of even the users. These include photos, video, call recording, real-time microphone data, GPS and location data.

Researchers also said that through these vulnerabilities, hackers can also make information such as photos, videos, contact details and games stored on a smartphone disappear for the moment.

Researchers have given information about their discovery to Qualcomm and the company has taken necessary steps keeping this in mind. The company has rectified 6 major deficiencies discovered by the researchers. However, according to researchers Android users will be completely safe only when the phone vendors will release the security fixes for their devices.

Checkpoint has not publicly disclosed any technical details of its research. So that hackers do not take advantage of it wrongly.