Storage Management Tool

Finally, the much-awaited ‘Storage Management Tool’ has been added to WhatsApp. The popular short messaging platform officially announced this feature in a tweet post this morning. This storage management tool or option makes it easy to view or delete junk files from WhatsApp. Customers will receive updates from time to time this week. This new option is designed for Android and iOS users worldwide.

WhatsApp has been working on this new storage management option for many days. Some days before, users of the beta version of WhatsApp only can use this feature. But this time it will be available to all users. This new option can be accessed from the ‘Manage Storage’ tab in the ‘Storage and Data’ section of WhatsApp Settings.

Opening that tab brings up a new storage bar at the top of the screen similar to the phone’s regular memory storage, highlighting how much memory apps and other items are using and how much storage space is left. Again, users can see them at a glance based on the file size. WhatsApp gives a warning notification to the user when your storage is full. There is also the option to preview the selected files before deleting them.

Additionally, the storage management tool option allows users to view and delete multiple forwarded videos, photos, etc. Again, files larger than 5 MB can be viewed separately and even the amount of space available in each chat. By clicking on Chat from that tab, users can view or delete text messages, photos, GIFs, videos, etc. As a result, this option also saves your phone storage.