PTron BassBuds Review: Economical Price and Better Sound Quality

PTron BassBuds
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Ptron BassBand earbuds will come with noise-reducing and a soundproof net. In such a situation, it is good to use in a crowded place. The black and blue color shades make it look quite good. The case of these earbuds is quite good in appearance.

PTron BassBuds earbuds have recently been launched in India. Their price is 999 rupees. It is an in-year true wireless Bluetooth earbud. True wireless earbuds are in high demand in the Indian market these days. Usually, every smartphone-making company is offering earbuds. But at present low earbuds with better sound quality with good build quality are low in the low price point. But the PTron, which comes in less than 1,000 rupees, meets some of these parameters. One reason for making such a claim is that I have used PTron BassBuds earbuds for about two months, so let’s know the review of PTrom BassBuds

PTrom BassBuds Design

The PTron BassBuds are designed very uniquely. The black and blue color shades make it look quite good. The case of these earbuds is quite good in appearance. There are four indicators on its front side, which shows the battery life. On the backside of the earbuds, you have been given a micro USB charging slot for charging. A micro charging cable is provided with earbuds. But its length is quite low. If you talk about build quality, then earbuds are good in this case. But as we know that PTron comes at an affordable price point, you may have to compromise a bit in terms of the quantity quality. At the same time, the size of PTron BassBuds is slightly larger. But the design of the upper side of the earbuds is quite good. With Ptron you will get some extra air tips. They are very soft. Which can be changed easily.

PTron BassBuds Performance

PTron earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which offers good connectivity. Earbuds can be connected from 10 meters away. It comes with a 10mm dynamic driver and built-in mic. Talking about the battery, the PTron earbuds get a playback time of 4 hours. But the company is claiming 6 hours of music playback. Each earpiece will come with a 50mAh battery. The case will come with 400mAh battery support. Which charges the earbuds two to three times in a singers charge. A low power battery is provided for earbuds. The charging time of these earbuds is about 1 to 1.5 hours. Talking about calling, its mic quality is much better. But during calls, the user has to speak a little faster. The PTron earbuds come with Build-in HD mic support. In this, you get an amazing bass with Hi-FI stereo sound quality. At the same time, it works better in terms of sound quality. It will get a normal base. However, the user should not expect much in this price point. The Ptron BassBuds earbuds will be a bit heavier. It comes with a magnetic case.

Button operations

PTron earbuds are quite easy to use. Users will be able to turn it on and off by tapping on both earbuds for 3 seconds. When the earbuds are turned on, the LED light will indicate three times, indicating the turn of the earbuds. At the same time, earbuds have to be tapped for 5 seconds. The red light will light up when the earbuds are off. Google Assistant will be supported in these earbuds. This feature can prove to be very useful. Calls can only be received from receive and reject earbuds. For this, earbuds have to be tapped for 2 seconds. This will allow you to play and pause music.

Why buy

If you want to buy good earbuds for less than Rs 1000, then Ptron BassBand earbuds can prove to be a good option. However, the final purchase decision should be yours. Ptron BassBand earbuds will come with a noise-reducing and soundproof net. In such a situation, it would be good to use it in a crowded place.