Christmas Surprise
Image Credit by “The Apple Post”

Apple is on the way to ‘surprise

A serial Apple leaker has warned that there is a “Christmas surprise” in Apple’s way, but it is not clear whether the shocking joke is related to physical production, sales or promotion, or anything else.

The leak posted on Twitter on Saturday told “@ L0vetodream” followers that “you can get a Christmas surprise from Apple”. The tweet did not specify what it was, but said it was “winter exclusive” and “good for winter”.

Although Leaker often provides accurate leaks for unreleased Apple products, they are easier to understand and operate than the latest Nigu tweet tweets. The next post highlights that they did not mention what the “Christmas gift” or release date was and that it was a “game, riddle game” for their followers.

Launching Apple hardware products during the holiday shopping period is foolish and since three months of product launches are over, things like “AirTags” or “AirPods Studio” are unlikely to launch. Sales at that time.

Because it basically rejects most physical aspects, it allows Apple to provide users with software or anything data-based.

This gives Apple a great opportunity to promote its service business to its customers, from which it offers something generous. Possible candidates include exclusive content + free content to watch on Apple TV or content from the App Store, both of which have an easy “Winter Exclusive” reference.

Apple also has the option of relaunching the “12 Days of Gifts” promotion, which ended in 2014.

Finally, “Christmas Surprise” refers to Apple’s 2019 holiday advertising campaign, called the “Surprise”.