New Slack Connect Features Can destroy Email for always

Slack Connect Features Can destroy Email
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Slack Connect Features Can destroy Email –Now sluggish channels can be shared between 20 businesses

Collaboration platform Slack has unveiled a new feature designed to reduce businesses’ reliance on email, which the firm sees as a barrier to both productivity and sound cybersecurity.

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With the launch of Slack Connect, channels can now be shared between 20 different businesses, where previously only two companies could share a location.

The new facility improves the ability to communicate with customers, suppliers, and vendors alike – and to do so together if the situation demands it.

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The company envisions that Slack Connect will become the new location where contracts are signed, invoices are delivered, purchase orders are accepted, service tickets are entered and more email driving towards the periphery of business communications Huh.
Slack Connect is available with all payment plans and existing customers will be able to use the new features immediately.

The guiding principle behind the introduction of Slack Connect is the need to improve cross-business collaboration and do so in a safe fashion.

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According to Slack’s chief security officer Larkin Ryder, being away from email as the primary means of business communication would go a long way toward achieving both of these goals.

“Email is an open front door to security threats for an organization – business email scams cause $ 12 billion in losses, and 90% of data breaches are from phishing,” she said.

“If you want a more secure collaboration solution for your organization, the first thing you can do is remove your employees from email.”

Slack Connect users have historically enjoyed all the same cyber security features on offer with Slack, including independent control over security and compliance measures, such as message retention policies, data loss prevention, and eDiscovery.

The comparatively closed nature of slack channels means that the risk of phishing is also greatly reduced, with employees only able to receive communications and files from verified channel members.

Slack has also partnered with AWS to control access to data by each user through its enterprise key management service, although the feature will not be available for Slack Connect this summer.

“The introduction of Slack Connect is a major leap forward in our mission to transform business communications and make people’s working lives simpler, more enjoyable and more productive,” said Slack’s CEO, Stewart Butterfield.

“When you pull communication from the inbox and put it into channels, you make it very easy for people to get their work done. This forms a basis for communication. With Slack Connect, we are harnessing the same benefits that organizations have, ”he said. While the email has already been declared dead several times, Slack believes he may have put the last nail in the coffin.