The AMD Raizen Threadripper 3990x is by far the cheapest 64-core CPU

The firm’s powerful 4-core (128-thread) processor, the AMD-Raizen Threadripper 3990X has got a more attractive price tag. It was slightly cheaper in May, but we expect prices to be lower soon as

Amazon and Micro Center CPUs dropped about 49 490 from the original 3, 3,990 original, saving more than 10%.

Yes, it will still set you around $ 3,500 (roughly £ 2,700 / AU $ 4,900), which is probably far from cheap, but it represents relatively good quality for getting power from this part of the silicone.

Assuming this is the case, you can use the serious multi-core performance on offer with this 644-core beast. The average consumer does not need to have this level of firepower unless they create content, do 3D modeling or video editing into

The Micro Center has an added bonus with the 3990X deal, which can save you an additional 300 300 if you buy a qualified motherboard with your new CPU.

3990X supports PCIe 4.0 along with ECC memory based on AMD‘s EPYC 7702P server processor (used in data centers). Its onboard cache (256MB) and TDP (280W) mean it needs powerful cooling to get 64-core humming.

Note that it can increase up to 4.3GHz, but its base clock speed is only 2.9GHz. It can support up to four DDR4 channels (compared to eight for EPYC 7702P).


If this product is unavailable in your area, you may need to use an expert parcel forwarding service to take advantage of the deal.

If you find a cheap product in stock and brand new with the equivalent specification, let us know and we’ll tip you our hat.