iPhone 11 or iPhone 12
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The Colors of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are Vanishing! Quality issue or something …

The price of the top variant of the iPhone 12 is 1 lakh 59 thousand rupees in India. Think, if you bought the iPhone by paying 1 lakh 59 thousand rupees and its color would go away? How would you like it? For example, we have talked about the top variants. Now tell you what the report actually is.

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According to reports, the red variant of the iPhone 12 is dropping color from the body of the mobile. The red variant is called the (PRODUCT) RED ™, as the company makes this variant for the company. However, this problem is not only coming with the iPhone 12 but also with the iPhone 11.

The red variant of the iPhone 12 is dropping color from the aluminum chassis. Because of this, its color is changing from red to orange. A report by SvetApple.sk has shown that the iPhone 12’s side is turning orange from red color. An image has also been shared to show this. This problem is also coming in the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020). Many users have complained about this.

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This problem is mostly coming in the red variant of the iPhone itself. Very few users have complained about the other color variants. The reason for this has not been ascertained yet. It is being said that due to the clear cover, it must have been exposed in the sun. Because of this, the color of the phone has changed. Other users are questioning this, if this is the case then it should be in the rest of the area rather than just the side, but this has not happened.

According to some reports, the iPhone XR is also dropping color. Some people are also telling the reason for dropping the color. But many people have said that many users use iPhone with a cover. Everyone’s color should be blown out of it. This is not happening, meaning there may be a defect in its manufacturing.

The company has refused to give the replacement of the product, considering it a cosmetic defect. Now it will be seen whether the users go to court with the complaint of the company or not. Even if this problem is coming in a few smartphones, but if it defects from the company, then it should be replaced. Because Apple is also known for its superior quality product.