The iPhone 13 series can have periscope zoom and advanced face ID

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The iPhone 13 series can have periscope zoom and advanced face ID

Although Apple’s iPhone 13 (iPhone 13) series has been in the works for a long time, a report from yesterday confirmed that the Carpetino-based company is preparing to launch the next-generation model of the iPhone. Apple, meanwhile, is rumored to have increased orders through its own supply chain for the main internal camera components of these phones. All in all, these phones are expected to hit the market next September. In that case, after various reports about the features of the iPhone 13 series came to light, now some information about the camera of these phones has been leaked, which has shed light on some of the key features of their cameras.

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Earlier, it was claimed that the upcoming iPhone 13 series will use VCM or voice coil motor. However, the report that has been published now, has also given an idea about its effectiveness or the effect on the camera performance of the iPhone. According to Apple Insider, this component uses a magnet inside the camera module of the smartphone, which will help to precise and stabilize the movement of the various components of the camera.

Again, the VCM Periscope will be useful for optical zoom or autofocus, but it will also improve camera output as well as provide faster Face ID unlocking performance.

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For your information, initially, this thing is expected to be seen on the iPhone in 2022, but recently Digitimes Asia (Digitimes Asia) has claimed that Apple is currently collecting it at a massive rate. As a result, there are indications that VCM is observed in iPhone 13 models. Similarly, the possibility that Apple will become the first company to use VCM on a mainstream scale cannot be ruled out.

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