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Thief caught with the help of Apple Watch, this feature did amazing work

The Apple company is worldwide fame. Its devices offer a very premium feel. For this reason, its sales are also very beautiful. Before stealing the device of Apple users, the thief must also think ten times, or else he may have to take it.

The most recent example of this comes from Brazil. Where a thief stole the Apple Watch. But due to its features, he was caught. The police tracked down the thief with an Apple Watch and arrested him.

According to AppleInsider, the thief stole the Apple Watch from a person’s house in Santa Maria, Brazil. According to MacMagazine, a Brazilian website, an attacker manhandled the man and snatched his BMX.

The victim complained to the local police station there. The police became active after receiving the complaint. He used the device’s inbuilt Find My app. This app is preloaded on all OS and macOS.

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The victim tracked his Apple Watch by logging into his account on another Apple device. According to MacMagazine, his stolen Apple Watch was tracked in a single day. The thief lived with his sister. He was arrested.

The person said that the attacker who scrambled with him and snatched the BMX was in an army dress. He was also present at the thief’s house. He was also arrested. Apple Watch caught both the thief and the attacker.

Apple’s Find My app is going to be even smarter after a new update. This feature is named Safety Alerts. If someone keeps an eye on you or your partner, it will give you information about it.