Desert safari in Dubai

Desert safari in Dubai is such a wonderful place to be with friends and family. It is a place where you get engaged in a lot of exciting activities. There are many activities in the desert which will always keep you coming.

Few of them are dune bashing, skiing on the sand dune, quad biking, Henna painting for women, live music and belly dance performances, a sumptuous buffet, and pictures with an Arabian falcon. There are many more to live in the safari desert.

There are companies in Dubai that offer you the best services in the safari desert. It is very important that you book all that you need right before you leave your home. These companies will take the sole responsibility to make inquiries and make available all that you requested for.

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According to mentioned below is the list of top tourism companies.


One of the companies you can always rely on or quality service on safari desert is the Oceanair travels. The company has been for more than 15 years with a quality experience through those years to get you all that you need to have a peaceful stay in the desert.

The company is registered not in U.A.E alone but also in India and Egypt. They are well known for affordable and satisfactory services. The company offers you all that you need to know about the desert, they will take you on tour for you to have a wonderful experience.

The packages offered by the company is ideal or residents, tourist and visitors from around the globe and you will never be let alone as you will have a supervisor to give you the local guide of the desert.


The Raptor team has there headquarter in Dubai. The company is well known for its quality and superb tourism services. They offer all kinds of packages to ensure you enjoy your time while you remain in the desert. The packages they offer include outdoor activities such as city tours, dhow cruises, campsite visits, and course desert safari.

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Their packages include morning and evening tours. With the company, you will get to enjoy the best of your time in the desert. You will have a lot of fun and excitement from activities such as riding a camel, henna painting, quad bikes, and many more depending on the amount you are willing to pay.


The next we are to consider on our list is known as the KHAT TOURS AND SAFARIS. It is one of the companies you can always rely on to get you the best services that you desire on the safari desert. It is an established company with over 10 years’ experience in offering the best services.

KHAT TOURS AND SAFARIS is one to trust for your tour on safari desert. They are known to offers some of the best morning and evening tours or activities in the desert. You can always be assured to get the best experience you ever dream of with KHAT TOURS AND SAFARIS.

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The last we have on our list is known as PLATINUM HERITAGE LUXURY TOURS AND SAFARIS. If you have the money to spend and experience a luxury lifestyle in the desert, it is the company you should opt for. They offer all that you need to enjoy luxury.

The company offers outstanding packages and has facilities with resources to make the whole experience worthwhile for you and others that come along with you to the desert. The only setback is that it is very expensive compared to others but you get to enjoy yourself to the fullest. For those who love the luxury lifestyle, the PLATINUM HERITAGE LUXURY TOURS AND SAFARIS should be your choice.