Video games will soon be able to play on Netflix for free, the company may release a new feature


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Video games will soon be able to play on Netflix for free, the company may release a new feature

Netflix can now enter the video game market soon. Netflix currently offers only movies and TV shows, but it wants to enter the gaming market soon. For this, streaming platform Netflix has appointed Mike Verdu, former executive of Electronic Arts and Facebook, as Vice President of Game Development.

According to a Bloomberg report, Netflix now wants to enter the video gaming market as well. It can enter this sector next year. The game can be launched with a new programming genre. It will be similar to documentaries and standup specials.

Initially, this service can be given free of cost without any charge. According to the report, Netflix is ​​taking this step to grow further in the American saturated market. Apart from this, Netflix has announced that it is launching two new services.

Netflix is ​​launching Kids Recap Email and Kids Top 10 row services. This will make this platform more child-friendly. With the Kids Top 10 row feature, the 10 most popular titles will be shown for children. This will be updated daily. The Kids Recap Email feature will send a preference to kids’ insights to parents.

Even before this, there was news of Netflix entering the video gaming market soon. It was first discussed when it offered to play the Stranger Things mobile game for free. It was announced at E3 2019.

In May, Netflix announced it was looking for executives to boost investment in the video game market. Earlier the streaming platform has experimented with interactive movies and TV shows like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Carmen Sandiego.

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