Want to consult a doctor online? Find out the names of the top 5 apps


consult a doctor online

Want to consult a doctor online? Find out the names of the top 5 apps

Telemedicine has recently become an important service for both doctors and patients in the event of a terrible coronavirus epidemic. In a lockdown, people are not able to go out of the house without much need, and going to the hospital if they need to see a doctor is undoubtedly a terrible risk in the current miserable situation. Therefore, patients feel that it is much more convenient and safer to consult a doctor at home during this time of emergency. With the help of telemedicine applications, you can get all the medical services and advice by contacting the concerned doctor. So it is very important to know the names of some effective telemedicine apps in this cowardly situation. Below are five such apps.


Practo is one of the most popular telemedicine applications in the market. Its services include a comprehensive medical directory, online appointment booking, online consultation. It also offers subscription-based health plans. The consultation fee for the session starts from Rs 349 and patients also get a digital prescription with the benefit of a free follow-up.


Another popular telemedicine application is Lybrate. It is available for both iOS and Android. Lybrate offers services such as online consultation, appointment booking, lab test booking. In addition to these, there is an online Q&A forum and quiz to create awareness. Consultation charges on this app start from Rs 950, and membership is offered for Rs 500 for three months and Rs 2500 for one year.


Mfine is a healthcare platform that provides professional diagnostic and telemedicine services. It includes home lab tests, X-ray and scan booking, online consultation, drug delivery services. The app offers self-evaluation services for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiac health, PCOD. Users can also get AI-based assistant services to learn about their symptoms.

Tata Health

Tata Health is another telemedicine app that offers services such as online consultation, appointment booking, lab tests, and drug delivery. Its Health Locker feature allows users to save medical records online. The app also posts health articles to give patients tips to make their lives healthier. The consultation fee in this app starts from Rs 100 and there is an opportunity to get a doctor’s advice 24 hours a day.

Doctor 24 × 7

Doctor 24 × 7, focuses on providing teleconsultation to patients with doctors and provides diagnosis with a free follow-up within 3 days of consultation. The app has 24-hour support from doctors who have treated more than half a million patients so far. Patients get the benefit of free first consultation through the app after downloading their application. The amount of consultation fee depends on how long you call the doctor, which can range from Rs 100 to Rs 600.

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