WhatsApp being banned in India? Allegation of not cooperating in court again

Whatsapp banned

WhatsApp being banned in India? Allegation of not cooperating in court again

The controversy over instant messaging WhatsApp has not abated since the beginning of the year. Owned by Facebook, which has more than 400 million users in India, the platform has been uncomfortable with its new privacy policy for the past few months. They have even been repeatedly questioned by the Indian government and the courts. Not only that, this time there was a demand to ban WhatsApp. According to the report, a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) was recently filed in the Kerala High Court against the company, asking the central government to ban the operation and use of WhatsApp for refusing to cooperate with the Indian legal authorities. KG Omanakutan, a software engineer from Idukki district in Kerala, is said to have submitted the application.

Is WhatsApp being banned in India?

The petition states that WhatsApp is violating the privacy of its users. It also states that the organization violates Article 21 of the Constitution, the fundamental rights of citizens, and stands in the way of national interest and protection. Not only that, the petition further said that a lot of fake text, pictures and videos were spread through WhatsApp and various political and anti-social propaganda was carried out using such messages.

In this case, if the app is not willing to change the technology and does not cooperate with the government, the applicants think that it is advisable not to allow its availability in this country. The center has already banned many websites and mobile apps. So if the allegations are true, the consequences of WhatsApp could be something like that!

However, a bench of Chief Justice S Manikumar and Justice Shaji P Cheli dismissed the appeal, according to ANI. In this regard, the court said that it is the job of the investigating agency to investigate the allegations against WhatsApp. Therefore, the court will not respond to this application.

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