WhatsApp is bringing some interesting updates, they are making a big splash in the new year.

Whatsapp Voice message playback feature

WhatsApp is bringing some interesting updates, they are making a big splash in the new year.

We often see WhatsApp bringing new updates. These updates provide us with all the great benefits. This time too they are working on several new updates. Let’s see what new updates WhatsApp is bringing to their platform.

WhatsApp is coming up with some interesting updates

1. The first update they are working on is to provide animations to beat all the heart emojis. Now if you send a heartbeat emoji to someone in WhatsApp, you will notice that the heartbeat is doing. That means you will see the vibration in that heart emoji.

But this feature can be seen only in Simple Heart Emoji on WhatsApp. Other heart emojis don’t beat that way. That’s why WhatsApp is working on this new update. Where all kinds of heart emojis will beat. That means you can see the vibration in it. WABetaInfo has given details about this. It is known that this new update will be rolled out to everyone soon.

2. WhatsApp’s update is not just stopping here. WhatsApp is then working on a new voice call interface (New WhatsApp Voice Call Interface). Earlier, in the case of video calling, even though the video call started, WhatsApp came with the option to join.

This time they will do anything that is supposed to be in the interface of this new voice call. This feature will also have the facility of receiving calls, rejecting calls, and voice call management. If needed, it can be easily transferred from voice call to video call, the call can be muted. Everyone can even use the option to use loudspeakers very easily. Photos shared by WABetaInfo show that this new design is undoubtedly very compact and sophisticated.

When will the features be rolled out?

WhatsApp has not yet given any official information about that. Since WhatsApp is working on these features, it is expected that these features will come to us in the near future. So if you are also a WhatsApp user then this is great news for you.

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