PUBG is being replaced by Indian Game FAU-G. But when? The young generation is intoxicated with PUBGi. New games are coming soon for those who have been busy with gun dealing and war for most of the day. nCore company is making this game. The CEO of the company announced the huge Gondal action game – FAU-G. Whose full name is Fearless And United: Guards. According to Vishal, FAU-G is not coming to compete with PUBG games.

More than one young woman has been disappointed since the ban was imposed across the country. Although China is virtually upset with the decision taken by the Center. However, it is believed that as a result of this decision, India took several steps forward against China. But the good news. After the ban on PUBG, a local game is going to come so that everyone does not have to be disappointed.

FAU-G is coming in October, the company has started making this game from May-June.
Gondal is working on three more games to be released soon, along with two other Enco Games co-founders, Dayanadi MG and Ganesh Hegde. One is a shooting game, called FAU-G, the second is a cricket game and the third is a song game.

Gondal has confirmed that FAU-G will be released in late October. The cricket game and the music game will be released later this month when the IPL starts.

However, it is understood that this game is going to be interesting enough. It is also understood that many people have become interested in this game in the hope of a dependent India project.