Who saw your profile on Facebook

Who is checking your Facebook profile? Learn using these simple tips

We commonly check someone’s Facebook profiles, but some may even misuse the information on them. That’s why many people think that they need the facility to know who is following you on Facebook.

Many people spend their time on social media because they are at home due to lockdown. It’s hard to find people who aren’t on Facebook these days. Facebook has become a part of the daily life of many. During the lockdown, there was a huge increase in the use of Facebook and social media as a whole. Facebook tries to know the flow of people’s opinion, information about people. From th

at, the personality of the person concerned is estimated. Even the biggest companies look at Facebook profiles along with the LinkedIn profiles of job seekers, or the number of people looking at Facebook profiles before marriage or for some other reason has increased. Some may even misuse that information. That’s why many people think that they need the facility to know who is following you on Facebook.

There are many ways to find out who visited your Facebook profile. Find out which of your Facebook friends visited your Facebook profile. Of course, I don’t know when that FB friend saw your profile.

Apple iOS users can find out who viewed their Facebook profile from their privacy settings. Other users can see it only by opening the website Facebook.com on the desktop. Here are two ways to find out who viewed your Facebook timeline.

This method for iOS users

The option to find out who visited a Facebook profile is very much in the privacy settings for these users. Users should first open Facebook settings. Then go to Privacy Shortcuts. There they will see the “Who viewed my profile” option. Currently this option is only available in the iOS Facebook app. Facebook opened this option for iOS users in 2018. Android users still have this option available on the Facebook app. No idea when Facebook will bring this option in the Android application.

Android users can check this way

If users other than iOS users want to find out who visited your Facebook profile, they have to visit the website Facebook.com from the desktop. Login after visiting this website. Then right click anywhere on the homepage. From the options that appear, click on View Page Source. Then the source code of the Facebook home page will open.


Users should then search for “BUDDY_ID”. A 15 digit number will appear next to each tag “BUDDY_ID”. This 15 digit number is nothing more than a profile ID. Whose? So that is the ID of the profile of every Facebook friend who visits your Facebook profile. He should copy 15 digit ID. Open a new tab in your browser. Then type facebook.com/ and then enter the 15 digit profile ID. Then press Enter key. Doing so will open the profile of your friend who visited your profile.