With this new feature, Tiktok will be able to confront YouTube



YouTube recently launched a feature like TikTok. But now it seems that TikTok is ready to confront YouTube itself. The test of the new feature looks like this here.

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video platform. If you remember before 2010, only videos up to 10 minutes could be uploaded on this platform.

Later, you slowly remove the 10-minute restriction from YouTube and now longer videos can also be uploaded. Now let’s talk about the short video sharing app Tik Tok which is banned in India.

Although Tik Tok is banned in India, Kanpani is very hopeful that the government will remove the ban on it. In other countries including the US and China, this app is growing rapidly.

Now American President Donald Trump is leaving and Joe Biden will take up his post in January. In such a situation, the way for Tik Tok to stay in America is now clear.

Amidst all this, Tik Tok is now preparing to make this platform slightly different from the short video. Perhaps this is the reason that the company is now increasing the video limit.

Expert Matt Navara, who closely monitors social media, has shared the screenshot in a new tweet. It is written in the screenshot that they are being given early access to upload videos of up to three minutes on Tik Tok.

They will now be able to upload videos up to three minutes under Early Access on the Tik Tok app and desktop. That is, not only on the TikTok app but also from tiktok.com, three-minute videos can be uploaded.

It is currently limited and not for everyone. But one thing is coming out of it that the company does not want to limit itself to only short videos and is expanding its scope.

Since Tik Tok has become quite popular and after roasting it, the company is preparing to set up its platform like a video uploading platform.

In such a situation, it will not be an exaggeration to say that TikTok will compete with Google’s video platform YouTube. Since YouTube is kind of monopoly these days, it might not look like this is happening, but it seems that the target of TikTok is Google.

Talking about YouTube, the company has recently launched a feature short like TikTok. This feature has been brought by the company to compete with TikTok and retain its users. Because somewhere, YouTube also has an idea that TikTok can become its rival.