You will have control over what your child sees on YouTube, the new feature

You will have control over what your child sees on YouTube, the new feature

Although the movement of old people like us is free in the external world of the internet, there is a different diagnosis for those who are really young. Take YouTube, for example. Users must be at least 13 years old to use YouTube. There are separate YouTube Kids applications for younger people. But the development of children’s minds cannot always be predicted with age, nor can it be tied to the will of the child. As a result, many parents cannot keep their young children away from YouTube. In this case, YouTube has come up with a new feature thinking about both the children and the parents. This will allow parents to monitor and control their child’s movements on YouTube. Moreover, the popular video streaming platform itself will sort and sort the content for the little ones. As a result, there is no doubt that parents can have a lot of peace of mind by handing over the phone to the children.

A recent announcement from YouTube states that in the coming days they will be adding some technology to their platform that will greatly facilitate the way YouTube is used by children. In this case, the parent can keep an eye on what the child is watching. Parents will also be able to control their children’s YouTube usage according to three different content settings. As a result, children will not be exposed to inappropriate content in any way. Because then they will need a Supervised Google Account to use YouTube.

According to the new feature, depending on the age and outcome of the child, their parents can choose three content settings – Explore, Explore More, and Most of YouTube. The nature of these settings can be guessed from the name. The ‘Explore’ setting is primarily suitable for children 9 years of age or older. Parents for children over the age of 13 can choose ‘Explore More’ and ‘Most of YouTube’ settings for children who have passed. In this way, with the new feature, relatively young people will gradually be able to dive into the world of YouTube’s diverse content!

In addition to choosing content settings, the new feature allows parents to secretly monitor their child’s use of YouTube. In this case, they will see their search history from the child’s account settings. Moreover, another feature of this feature is that it will not display personalized ads for selected categories of children.

YouTube has developed their new feature using technologies such as mixed user input, machine learning and Heimen Review. For now, YouTube will roll out the new feature, leaving in-app purchases and creation and commenting inactive.