5 Five-stared Online Reputation Management Software That Are Free To Use

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Online reputation management firm – Have you ever thought that downloading and installing software can help you in improving your brand’s online reputation? Probably not.

However, you will be surprised to hear the truth that apart from advanced tools, there is a list of software packed with exclusive features typically used to manage the reputation of a brand.

Sometimes in an online reputation management firm, the experts talk about this list of software and encourage the marketers to try out their free trial version.

Are you interested to learn about them?

Keep reading the article and mark down the software that you feel offers the right product.

5 Five-stared software to repair your brand’s online reputation – online reputation management firm

  1. BirdEye: BirdEye, the name itself denotes that the software is efficient enough in keeping an eye on the online activities and boosting the online reputation. This SaaS software manages online reputation by improving the customer experience.

    BirdEye pays more attention to online reviews. It allows businesses to respond to the reviews, initiate interactions, and share reviews to drive in more potential customers to the doorstep. Using the cool features and algorithm, you can carry out surveys and understand customer insights, making a way out to repair your online reputation.

    Maybe that’s the reason why over 50000 businesses of all sizes are now using this software to cater to their needs.

  2. Podium: Podium is somewhat similar to the BirdEye. The software creates a new advanced way to make the customers interact with the local businesses. Some popular tasks that you can perform using Podium are collecting payments via text, conversations on Webchat, gathering online reviews and feedback, managing customer messages and so on.

    Podium collects all the information to the dashboard, making it convenient for you to manage the interaction with the leads, customers, and team. This interaction management platform allows you to message your leads and prospects and generate a strong relationship with them.

    Isn’t this an added pro for your online reputation management?

  3. Brand24: Brand24 is another trending software that works as a web and social media monitoring tool for small, medium, large-sized companies. No matter whether you are interested to learn about your brand activities over the web, Brand24 can easily capture every information into a dashboard and notify you whenever there is any new action.

    Some popular features of Brand24 are Storm Alerts, Slack integration, brand sentiment analysis, PDF reports, and product analysis. Just download and register on this software and you can access all the features at an affordable price rate.

  4. Brandwatch: Brandwatch is a widely used online reputation management software that carries a lot of functions and features to serve both small and large-scale companies. It offers products like Buzzsumo to cater to the needs of the marketers and help them in making decisions that truly fit the customer needs.

    Brandwatch can be used to track social conversations happening online every day on multiple sections like guest blogging sites, forums, social media comments, reviews, videos, images, etc. Using this software, you can understand the activities of the targeted audience, knowing their insights, along with analysing the influencers, and brand perception.

  5. Reputology: You must have heard about Reputology, the dedicated software meant for online reputation management for brands. The software strictly works on location, making it the best solution for the businesses operating locally.

    The software can be used to monitor reviews and customer feedback and collect them to make brand performance even better. The channels it supports include Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, survey platforms, and many more.

    Reputology is gaining popularity in recent times. Not just because it can help businesses in tracking the reviews and notifying them about any new reviews on time. But also because it excites and engages the visitors who are unhappy reading the reviews.


Online reputation management software listed above are featured with high ratings and reports. To score high in the search engines and to maximize the reputation of your brand, using this software will not be a wrong approach.

Just don’t by any of them randomly. Give it a free try, find the most appropriate one, and then utilize it to repair online reputation.