signal app

The signal is still new because there are not many features in it. Despite this, Signal app users are growing rapidly. Today we are going to tell you 5 features of WhatsApp which will also be coming soon on Signal.

Animated stickers

Animated stickers are quite interesting. In this, WhatsApp also allows its users to create their own animated stickers. Signal users will also be able to use this feature soon.

Custom Wallpaper & Bio

Last year, WhatsApp launched the custom wallpaper feature. In this, different wallpaper can be set for each chat. This feature is coming soon for Signal. From WhatsApp about status, users can apply their bio from custom or 11 status given earlier. Which include statuses like ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At school’, ‘At the movies’, ‘At work’. This feature is also coming soon for Signal. In which users can choose the bio of their choice. Apart from this, 6 states will be given ‘Speak freely’, ‘Encrypted’, ‘Free to chat’, ‘Coffee lover’, ‘Taking a break’, ‘,’ Be kind ‘and’ Working on something new ‘.

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Group call

Group calls can be made with 8 people in WhatsApp beta. Signal has also increased it from 5 to 8. With which 8 people can be included in a group call simultaneously. The feature of low data mode for calls is currently in WhatsApp. Which means less data is used in the call. This feature will also be seen soon on Signal.

Content decoration

The contact feature is currently available on WhatsApp. In which the user you chat with more. You see her chat at the top. This feature is also coming very soon in Signal.

Download preference

Like WhatsApp, Signal also gives preference in downloading media files. In which users can choose the preference of media download. In this, the option to download the media file automatically can be turned on or off. Also, the option to download over WiFi, mobile data or both can be turned on or off. Also, users have the option to download over WiFi, mobile data, or both.