Tracking Transparency feature

After iOS App Tracking Transparency feature, FB is giving this message to users, keep FB free, on the tracking mode

Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update has been released for iPhone users. Along with this update, the App Tracking Transparency feature has also been released for many users. The App Tracking Transparency feature has been in great controversy. This is because it does not fit with many developers.

Facebook has the biggest name in it. Facebook is giving a pop-up notification to a user in its iOS app. In this pop-up notification, users are being asked to come with the tracking feature.

It is also being said from Facebook that it is because of the tracking feature that it helps to keep Facebook free. This pop-up is being given to iPhone users with iOS 14.5 update. This pop-up is being given suddenly on Facebook and Instagram app.

The most important thing in this is that Facebook is constantly reminding users that they do not pay to use Facebook. They access social media platforms without any fee or charge. For this reason they should enable the tracking feature. It was first pointed out by technology researcher Ashkan Soltani. He said that Facebook is adopting such intimidating tactics. this is wrong.

Facebook calls these pop-up notices educational screens. He will tell his users how these data are used as a personalized ad. Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature gives the user control whether they allow an app to track their data or not. Due to not giving permission, the app is unable to track the data of users online and iPhone activity. Because of this, the app is unable to show personalized ad users.

Facebook is the most opposed to this. Facebook is among the top apps for tracking users’ data. Because of this it is against it. With this feature of Apple, if an app tries to collect users’ data in any way, then a penalty will be imposed on it. Apple’s own apps also follow these privacy guidelines.