Vi is offering the opportunity to buy Samsung, Vivo and Oppo smartphones in monthly installments

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Vi is offering the opportunity to buy Samsung, Vivo and Oppo smartphones in monthly installments

At present when buying a new phone we try to get as many discounts or offers as possible. As a result, e-commerce platforms or online channels become quite crowded during special sales! On the other hand, for those who do not want to spend a lot of money together, these companies also offer various installments or EMIs. In this case, the popular telecom company Vi (Vodafone-Idea) has the opportunity to buy a new phone in attractive installments. India’s third-largest telco is now offering home-credit Vivo, Oppo and Samsung brand new handsets at EMI. Again, as part of the offer, Vi’s 6-month annual plan (Rs 1,196) is also being bundled with smartphones. Needless to say, Vi customers can buy the smartphone of their choice with VI Pack from any of the company’s partner stores (Bajaj Finance, Home Credit and IDFC First Bank).

In this case, the Customer Representative of the specific partner store will notify the interested buyer of the pre-approval offers. Meanwhile, in order to avail the offer, the buyer has to submit certain documents following the rules laid down by the finance partner and maintain all the formalities. After all, if you pay the processing fee and down payment fee, the new smartphone will be in your pocket.

Vi has already mentioned a few smartphones on its website so that the special offer in question will be applicable. In this case, Samsung A21s, Samsung A31, Oppo A15s, Oppo A15, Vivo Y20 and Vivo Y20A phones will be available for purchase at EMI, the site said. However, those interested can go to the partner store and access some other offers.

According to the list, customers will get 6 months, 9 months and one year EMI options when they buy the phone. Again, due to EMI, you may have to spend Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,500. For example, to buy a Samsung Galaxy A21s (4GB / 64GB) phone priced at Rs 15,849, you will need an EMI of Rs 2,624 (Rs 2,625 for the phone, Rs 200 for the VI pack) over a period of 6 months. On the other hand, if you choose the 9-month or one-year EMI option, you will have to spend Rs 1,63 and Rs 1,412 per month respectively. Similarly, to buy Samsung Galaxy A31, you have to pay Rs 3,349 (for 6 months), Rs 2,233 (for 9 months) and Rs 1,75 (for one year) per month.

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