Android users can’t find media files on WhatsApp? Find out the solution [How To]


Android users can't find media files on WhatsApp

Android users can’t find media files on WhatsApp? Find out the solution

This year, the problem is not leaving WhatsApp behind. First, the debate over the privacy policy, then the phone number of the users leaked in Google search; The Facebook-owned app doesn’t have to reiterate the extreme discomfort that these two incidents caused. However, Android phone users have started complaining that their media content is being lost on WhatsApp. Some users have been experiencing this problem since the last update of the instant messaging app. Especially in Android and versions, the problem is seen. However, WhatsApp has not yet commented directly on the issue and has not taken any action to resolve the issue.

According to WABetaInfo some of WhatsApp’s news portals, some Android users can’t find media files (such as photos, videos) on WhatsApp. The files remain in the phone memory and can be accessed through the Photo Gallery, but the files are not visible on WhatsApp media. But don’t worry if you have the same problem. Because WABetaInfo has shared a way to solve the missing media problem on WhatsApp. But first of all you have to make sure that your WhatsApp chat is backed up.

How to solve WhatsApp media problem on Android phone

1. First close the WhatsApp app, make sure that the app does not run in the background

2. Go to the File Manager menu on your smartphone. Then go to Media option by clicking on WhatsApp option (WhatsApp> Media)

3. Then you have to move all the files in the media through the following method.
(Android> Media> com.whatsapp> WhatsApp> Media)

4. Wait until the files are fully moved to the specified folder and then open WhatsApp.

Hopefully, with this method, you will then find the lost media files on WhatsApp. And if you do not want to follow the mentioned method, then you have to wait until WhatsApp resolves this error.

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