Apple is offering free Airpods for MacBook and iPad purchases

Apple is offering free Airpods for MacBook and iPad purchases

Apple is offering free Airpods for MacBook and iPad purchases

Apple’s iPhone is as appealing to any smartphone user as it is too popular brand laptops, tablets, or earpods. For those who want to buy a MacBook or iPad with Apple’s half-eaten logo, but the price or other reasons are not succeeding – Apple has started offering new promotional offers. According to reports, the American tech giant has now announced a ‘Back To School’ offer on selected Mac and iPad models through its Apple Store, where students will be able to shop. In addition to the attractive deals on this offer, there will also be a chance to win an AirPod for free.

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Apple launches Back To School offer

Let me tell you, there will be offers or discounts on iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air laptop lineup, and iPad Pro and iPad Air during Apple’s back-to-school offer period. In that case, the standard version of the AirPod will be free at the time of purchase, which will save ১৫ 159 (about 12,000 rupees). Buyers, however, can buy a second-generation AirPod with a wireless charging case for an additional ড 40 (around Rs 3,000) at this price. In addition, the AirPod Pro product will match if you spend an additional ড 90 (Rs 6,800).

Not only that, interested buyers will get Apple Care + subscription at a 20% lower price at this time. In addition, Apple Music, Apple TV +, and Apple Arcade deals will be available for 3 months free access and free Apple Pencil. In this context, I would like to inform you that this offer program will be applicable to students, parents, and school faculty in the United States from today; It can be availed till 26th September. Unfortunately, the residents of India do not seem to be able to enjoy these facilities very much.

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In fact, Apple does not offer similar promotional offers in other international markets. However, according to a report by 9to5Mac, even if Indian customers get discounts on certain Mac and iPad models, they will probably not get a free AirPod. However, with an Apple Care + subscription priced at Rs 25,900, they will get a 20% discount offer.

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