Apple special event One More Thing today, these new products will be launched

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Apple One More Thing Event: MacBook will be launched with Apple Silicon at Apple’s event. Apart from this, some other products can be launched.

Apple is organizing an event today named One More Thing. These One More Thing usually used One More Thing for a surprise when Steve Jobs launched new products.

However, in today’s Apple event, the company can launch models of MacBook with Apple Silicon.

The company had announced during WWDC that now apart from Intel, the company will also launch MacBooks with self-built processors.

Apple One More Thing will be a virtual event and will be streamed live. According to Indian time, this event will start at 11.30 pm. You can see it live on the company’s website. It can also be seen live on YouTube.

What are the expectations from the Apple One More Thing event

The focus of this event will be ARM-based Apple hardware, which will mainly include Apple MacBooks where the company is using Apple Silicon.

AirTags can also be launched at this event. Because for some time, there is constant news about it. AirTags will actually be a tracking device that can be installed on Apple products.

According to the report, Apple is increasing the production of its new 13-inch and 16-inch Mamabook Pro. Apart from this, the production of 13 inch MacBook Air has also been increased.

Let us tell you that there will not be much change in the design and features of MacBook launched with Apple Silicon, but the focus will be more on performance and battery backup.

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