Apple Watch users

Alan Dye, Apple VP, Human Interface Design, Watch talked about OS7 in an interview, highlighting the concept of the handwashing feature and its development time coincidence.

Following the release of the new Apple Watch models and the release of the operating system, Hodgkin said in an interview with the Radio Podcast that Apple had received “very good” feedback from consumers so far. “I’m busy thinking about the next thing, but so far, it’s been a pleasure to hear all the positive feedback from updates to hardware,” VP said before announcing. The work we are doing on Watch OS7. “

The new watch faces have “especially love” and a very “positive response” for additions.

When asked where Apple’s ideas and features came from, Die is out of the hands of many shipping software and consumers. “It often takes time to get into some of these software worlds to discover some of these, or to observe the different designs, trends, or ways in which people actually use the products that we did not expect.”

“How a team thought about handwashing a few months ago,” Die said, and they have a “deeper understanding” of how to determine what a person looks like. Handwash correctly with motion data and sound.

This action is not from customer feedback, “We’ve seen what’s happening in the world, we dig into bringing a UI and experience that motivates users to wash their hands in 20 seconds.

Although the design process is a “conversation” between different teams discussing what features and capabilities are possible on the platform, Die suggests that Apple bring a similar solution on their own Steam anyway. However, one team said, “After a while, but the time worked out very well, and we were in a hurry to get it for this release because we knew how important it was.”

The interview touches on new features including watch faces, how Apple inspires its faces from other established watch faces, and balances data delivery for well-designed and modular-faced users.