Best Facebook screen recording app

Best Facebook screen recording app

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Best Facebook screen recording app – Social messaging apps have changed the way of communication over the last decade. Today, everyone has access to the internet on their cellphone devices. Therefore, users can easily download and install Facebook instant messenger application.

Gone are the days, when people have to use a cellular network of a cellphone to make phone calls, send and receive text messages. Now users can activate the social messaging app on their mobile phone and perform plenty of activities without paying a single penny.

According to the stats, more than 51% of the teens 13 -17 years old use Facebook and 75% of female teens spend their time on their FB profile. On the other side, 95% of teens these days have mobile devices.

It means teens are more likely to encounter with the online predators. However, teens themselves are using FB for the sake of online dating and hookups. Therefore, parents have no option these days, but to use the experts suggested tools like Facebook screen recording. Let’s discuss this high –tech tool in the following.

What is the screen recording app?

It is one of the best features of all time of cellphone tracking software. You can get your hands on the best Facebook screen recording software, but first and foremost install a cellphone monitoring app on your target mobile device. In addition to that, get access to the online web portal and use the powerful features to upload the information to the web portal.

The application is specifically designed and developed to set parental control on children and to keep an eye on employees in working hours on business-owned devices. It has a user –friendly interface and takes a few minutes to create its setup on the target device. In addition to that, users can use a screen recording tool and many more to keep an eye on activities performed on the target device.

Users can use call recording, screenshots, keystrokes logging, social media monitoring, IM’s VoIP calls, and remote surveillance features. Users can block incoming calls, messages, and the internet on the target device. For further details, you can visit the customer support chat.


Facebook screen recording software is compatible with phones and tablets running up to version 10 and the latest. However, you can perform a screen recording of Android phones active with messenger secretly.

How to get & install a cellphone screen recorder for Facebook?

If you want to know what your target person is doing on a social messaging app like on Facebook, then you need to have a tool like OgyMogy. Now visit the official web page and get the subscription of cellphone tracking software.

In return, an email provides credentials in terms of password and ID. Now get the physical access on the target device and start the process of installation. After the completion of the installation process, then activate it on the target device.

Now use the credentials and get access to the web portal where you can activate the tools of your desire such as the Facebook screen recording app. Let’s discuss it in detail and many more in the following.

Use mobile phone spy software Features to record Facebook activities on mobile

Live screen recording

This is the feature that you can use on someone’s cellphone screen and record messenger activities to the fullest. Users can remotely activate the feature on the target phone and it will start the recording of the back to back short videos of the screen. Furthermore, users can send the recorded videos of the screen to the web portal that you can watch and get to know all the activities that happened on the social messaging app.


Users can remotely schedule multiple screenshots at once on the target device and it will start capturing screenshots when the target device user is up to on Facebook and deliver to an online dashboard. Users can watch screenshots and get to know about the activities performed on the messenger.

Facebook call recording

Users can get logs of text messages, chats, and voice messages using social media messenger monitoring. However, the user can record FB calls (one-sided) using IM’s VoIP call recording app and send to the web portal.


OgyMogy screen recorder is the best tool that enables you to record all the activities performed on the messenger.

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